Our Story

The idea for ShowYourPro.com came from a couple of friends who live in Northern California that love action sports and filming. Northern California’s central location offers some of the best conditions for many action sports. Lake Tahoe is an hour drive away, and same goes for the coast.

These friends rode motocross, mountain bikes, snowboards, wakeboards, you name it and they were out there. As these sports have grown in popularity so has filming them. This coupled with the growing Point-of-View camera market fueled the idea to create a website dedicated to sharing action sports videos. The founders saw a need to offer these athletes a platform to share their experiences with the world, and make it easy to do so. Current social media and video sharing sites are over burdened by adopting an everything for everybody approach. This can make it very difficult for action sports athletes to share their videos to the people looking for them. The action sports community needed a form of social media to connect them and make it easy to share their experiences with others with the same interests.

Amateur action sports athletes accomplish some unbelievable feats that, up until ShowYourPro.com, went un-noticed; they easily got lost in the abyss of the internet. The founders of ShowYourPro.com want to change that and help these athletes build up a following and give them access to others who share their interests. ShowYourPro.com was built with the interests of these users in mind, and is constantly changing to make the experience better. That is why ideas for the site are always welcome and encouraged.

ShowYourPro’s goal is to offer the best video sharing website for action sports out there; you can find us out at sporting events in the Northern California area promoting the site, filming and participating. To encourage members to share videos we will be having several giveaways that will be promoted on the site and all a member has to do is share a video. ShowYourPro has received a lot of support from the action sports community and we will return that support in any way we can.

Thank you for checking us out, we look forward to seeing your videos and if you have any ideas let us know by email at info@ShowYourPro.com.