2015 AMP Dodge Amateur National Recap

Published on February 14, 2017 by

Full gates is what comes to mind when summing up this years Dodge Amateur National held at Prairie City MX track, or more commonly known as HangtownMX. The last few years have been hard on Northern California Motocross with fewer and fewer riders showing up for race day. Though, after this weekend you wouldn’t be able to tell. From Wednesday on people poured into the parking area, and when the schedule was printed it was awesome to see a nearly full gate in the open pro class, and other stacked classes as well. The weather cleared up after Thursday’s practice and the track was looking prime. Jack and Corky Azavedo with AMP GFI put their hearts in track and race prep, I’m not sure if I ever saw Jack off his tractor the whole weekend, always out to get the perfect dirt feel. This is not to say the track didn’t get as rough as I’ve ever seen it, but it was because of the meticulous preparation that the ruts set up nicely and it pushed riders to find the fast lines that constantly changed. This was not a weekend for the weak, and many riders showed up to prove this, and some succeeded. The ones on top of the podium this weekend are headed for great things, we look forward to watching the careers of these riders grow. There was so much to capture and so many great riders so look forward to more footage coming out as we covered it from many angles and will continue to release more edits and some raw footage, so if you don’t find yourself in this edit, watch for the next one. Big thanks to all the sponsors, they are the reason these events can happen, also a big thank you to Jack and Corky for all their hard work, as always they did a great job and deserve a lot of gratitude. Great job to all the riders and families that made it out and are keeping Northern California motocross alive.

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