Motopro Graphics Triple Crown 2015 // Round 3 Oatfield Raceway \

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Saturday was the beginning of the end of this years MotoPro Triple Crown, and like always Oatfield MX did not disappoint. Early Saturday morning riders and parents huddled around the fire watching as practice started, trying to get an idea on the layout. Jack and Corky are very proud track builders who put their hearts in building and prepping great tracks, I believe Oatfiled MX to be one of their masterpieces. The dirt is always deep and loamy and it pushes riders to their limits. Oatfield offers riders several different and fast lines with many opportunities to pass, leading to some epic battles throughout both days of racing. Some of the best battles took place in the mini and B classes, with riders trying to prove their worthiness with stiff competition. Only in its second year, the MotoPro Triple Crown has become one of the most anticipated racing series in the area, bring the top track owners together for the sole purpose of giving the riders the best racing experience available. Standing in the pits with an injured Preston Mull, who was still happy to be there soaking in the atmosphere, he had to stop to just enjoy the moment. This speaks volumes to this series and what has offered. This is what racing should be and needs to be, this sets the bar and will continue to do so as long as this amount of effort by the promoters and sponsors is there. So please, to all riders and parents, support events like this and sponsors that make it happen. The MotoPro Triple Crown only became a reality because of these people, innovators in the industry like Steve Nicholas from MotoPro Graphics, who has spent endless hours working to bring everything together. Companies like Kawasaki of Modesto for donating a brand new bike for a raffle, EMT Racing who rain or shine has the whole crew out working hard for almost any at track repairs. There are so many great sponsors, listed at the end of the video, that we all need to show support to. At the least please give them your thanks when you see them at the events, let them know that what they are doing is appreciated. Thank you everyone that was able to make it out and support this series, see you all next year. “Don’t be a clown, now you will have to show up for next years Triple Crown!”

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