Road To Mammoth 2015 //Round 5 : PCMX\

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2XPromotions and The Road to Mammoth bring riders from all over to both compete for points to get to Mammoth and the race against the best in the area. When the race is held at a National track even more riders tend to show up to test their abilities on a track that the pros will be racing on in only a couple weeks. This race added another surprise, weather. Though we are well into spring here in Northern California, the forecast called for some serious rain two days before the race. On top of that, Zeb, who runs the track, wanted the qualifier to have a track like they have not seen before and brought in tons of sand and rice to change the dirt conditions to mimic that of the pro race. We were fortunate to get to ride on the track Thursday, the day before the rain, and it was deeper, rougher and more fun than ever. Deep sand corners that you could charge into as hard as your bike, and your courage, would allow, that lead to the massive uphill with dirt rollers. Freshly built lips that made one throw their bike sideways to be able to hit it fast. It was prepped as mans track and those who showed up got some of the best practice in that you could ask for. Then the rain. What was suppose to be some light rain ended up being a downpour that soaked the track Friday. Saturday morning eager riders showed up early to get some seat time on the new track. Zeb had worked tirelessly to get the track back to being at least ride-able, but it looked more like the Red Bull Hare Scramble out on the track with mud and water splashing, bike smoking and riders going down left and right. The practice day before the race wasn’t going to allow any rider to get a real taste of what was in store for them on race day. The sun came out in the afternoon and tractors worked on getting the water off the track and by Sunday morning it was back to pristine condition. What ensued was one of the greatest days of racing we have covered in Northern California and at PCMX. It looked like the Hangtown Classic with waist high ruts, breaking pumps that acted as rhythm sections and various lips on the same jump face. There were some awesome battles and just as expected riders had shown up from all over the country to ride. We couldn’t have asked for a better day of racing. Big thanks to 2XPromotions and Zeb for making this race happen and we look forward to the next one, hope you enjoy what we got on film!

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